Source code for authomatic.extras.flask

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
|flask| Extras

Utilities you can use when using this library with the |flask|_ framework.

Thanks to `Mark Steve Samson <>`_.

from __future__ import absolute_import

from functools import wraps

from authomatic.adapters import WerkzeugAdapter
from flask import make_response, request, session
from authomatic import Authomatic

[docs]class FlaskAuthomatic(Authomatic): """ Flask Plugin for authomatic support. """ result = None
[docs] def login(self, *login_args, **login_kwargs): """ Decorator for Flask view functions. """ def decorator(f): @wraps(f) def decorated(*args, **kwargs): self.response = make_response() adapter = WerkzeugAdapter(request, self.response) login_kwargs.setdefault('session', session) login_kwargs.setdefault('session_saver', self.session_saver) self.result = super(FlaskAuthomatic, self).login(adapter, *login_args, **login_kwargs) return f(*args, **kwargs) return decorated return decorator
def session_saver(self): session.modified = True
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